What the Smell?!

Questioning what scent to order? Below are some descriptions to help decide.... I know it is a tough choice!

Vanilla Bean SO Clean

You don't need to bake cupcakes to enjoy the lovely scent of Vanilla. This scent will make you and your guests believe that there are fresh Vanilla deserts in your oven, even when you're not in the mood for baking. (Check out my Chicago "Bean" candle on the Chicago candles page)

Sweet, Sugary, Warm

Awesome Balsam

Bring the outdoors in when you light a Balsam candle. This lovely scent will transport your mind to a pine tree forest. Don't have any pine trees in your neighborhood? Then this candle brings the nature to you!

Earthy, Pine, Forest

Sage it Ain't So

Cleanse your living space with the lovely scent of Sage. The strong aroma of sage will make your home smell pure as well as lighten the atmosphere. There will be no more negative energy in the home after lighting a Sage candle.

Herbs, Revitalizing, Fresh